What are the best anti aging skin care products, anyway?

I recently ran out of my Fresh and Eminence and was a bit stuck. Those brands are expensive, and I just couldn’t justify spending that kind of money on my face right now.

There I was, grocery shopping. I remembered how well Weleda Calendula Baby Cream had worked when I had had a bad sun burn last year. I decided to try out the Weleda Essential Body Oils Kit & use it as my anti wrinkle face cream. I know. Bold move.

But desperation is the mother of invention, or whatever. Recently, my eldest son, bless him, told me it looked like I had been cut between the eyes with an axe.

Here is the proof that he is right:

Me with Axe Injury

Notice large scar-like wrinkle between the eyes

I took this photo on the day I bought the Weleda Essential Body Oils Kit. That would have been Wednesday. I already feel like that axe scar thing on my forehead looks better.

This stuff also smells nice, and is sooo cheap. For anti wrinkle cream, I think it’s up there in the top 5 skin care products I have ever used.

Just thought I’d share. I paid nearly $18.00 for it, but found it on Amazon for less than $5. Unbelievable.

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